Waiting In Vain

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Having finished my mission* papers over two months ago now, everyday that my Bishop and Stake President decide to be busy enough to not send my papers into ‘Mission Headquarters’ brings more temptation in the form of dream trips to Europe, Australia, and back to Hawaii.  It’s been over 60 days since I finished the requirements I was supposed to and in those 60 days, apparently there wasn’t enough time to submit my papers in.  If we’re working in probabilities, that means the chances of me serving a mission so far are 0/60(shut up, I know that’s not how probability works).  So I have a 0% chance to serve a mission… so far.

One of my best friends has recently began his attempts in becoming an LDS missionary as well.  Part of the process is to first fill out all of your personal information online.  Brace-face(the friend), brought to my attention one day, a picture on the log-in page of the LDS missionary recommendation website.  Here is the picture:

Notice anything?

I would never really say this to a church leader, but seriously, man.  WHAT DA EFF?!?!?!  While I’m stuck here on 60 days, my Bishop is raking in the benefits from this photo which thousands of people have now seen.  I’ve sat by for 60 days too long and now, I want mine.  It seems as though my chances have changed.  What do I want?  Compensation.  I don’t even want money anymore.  Just give me my mission call and we’ll call it even.  If they don’t give me my call soon, I will be forced to press charges.  They’re using MY image without my permission and it’s time they paid up.  However, if this series of events should occur, the chances of me getting a mission call soon are still at 0%, possibly even lower.  Please help a desperate man’s attempt to serve.  ‘It’s been…’ 60 days ‘…since I’ve been knocking on your door.  And I still can knock summore’.  Tomorrow is day 61.  It will mos def be filled with another day of dream images of my future(maybe VERY near future if things keep up the way they are) trip to Europe.  But it IS day 61, and I like the odds of 0/61.


*LDS Mission for those unaccustomed to mormon terminology.  I’m pretty sure very few people read this blog anyway and that the people who do read it ARE, in fact, mormon.  So this is really all for nothing.  Kudos to the four people who will read this.  YOU are the future of our society.


Tre Guevara

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This is what boredom and five minutes of photoshop gets you:


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Your love is something

that’s hard for me to see

don’t take this the wrong way…

it’s not you, it’s me


You’re so much fun

you’re SO SO attractive

your love is so killer

that it’s almost radioactive


You make me cookies

you make me cake

you make my body…

…um… want some more cake


I like it when

you hug me tight

but still, your love

is a tad blurry in my sight


I’m happy when

you massage my neck

“I think I’m in love…”

just like Beck


You’re my favorite member

of the opposite sex

cuz your love for me is bigger

than a T-rex



in binary, that’s the letter “T”

I like you a lot

cuz you buy gummies for me


Even after all of this

it’s still hard for me

why do you want ME?

it’s so hard to see


You take care of me when

I have a bad day or get sick

you put bandaids on my owies

and make me delicious fish sticks


You smell pretty damn good

you gots pretty eyes and eyelids

you got more sweet in you

than a bag of sour patch kids


“So, what’s so hard?” you might say

“why can’t you see?  why?”

 well i love you too, i just can’t see cuz

i only gots one eye

A boy

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A boy, a boy

With his heart of gold

Found an Organ one day

With a sound so bold

All day and all night

The boy would play


So happily and gay

The sounds that emitted

were as light as a dove

and the boy closed his eyes

and listened to the sound that he loved

But this beautiful love

between Organ and Boy

would soon run out of fun

…soon run out of joy

Songs became boring

Notes sounded bland

So with a pound to the keys

The boy stormed off with a plan

The next morning he packed Organ

Into the back of his car

And drove to an empty wasteland

With his plan that was so Gnar

Three friends helped him lug

Ol’ Organ up a tower

And threw it off the edge

With a big heave of power

Organ flew through the sky

And looked up with one last breath of air

To see Boy, with a smile on his face

Organ’s last image: A Boy with blonde hair

dis iz where itz at…

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