A boy


A boy, a boy

With his heart of gold

Found an Organ one day

With a sound so bold

All day and all night

The boy would play


So happily and gay

The sounds that emitted

were as light as a dove

and the boy closed his eyes

and listened to the sound that he loved

But this beautiful love

between Organ and Boy

would soon run out of fun

…soon run out of joy

Songs became boring

Notes sounded bland

So with a pound to the keys

The boy stormed off with a plan

The next morning he packed Organ

Into the back of his car

And drove to an empty wasteland

With his plan that was so Gnar

Three friends helped him lug

Ol’ Organ up a tower

And threw it off the edge

With a big heave of power

Organ flew through the sky

And looked up with one last breath of air

To see Boy, with a smile on his face

Organ’s last image: A Boy with blonde hair


~ by tenaciouskamalei on April 9, 2008.

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