Your love is something

that’s hard for me to see

don’t take this the wrong way…

it’s not you, it’s me


You’re so much fun

you’re SO SO attractive

your love is so killer

that it’s almost radioactive


You make me cookies

you make me cake

you make my body…

…um… want some more cake


I like it when

you hug me tight

but still, your love

is a tad blurry in my sight


I’m happy when

you massage my neck

“I think I’m in love…”

just like Beck


You’re my favorite member

of the opposite sex

cuz your love for me is bigger

than a T-rex



in binary, that’s the letter “T”

I like you a lot

cuz you buy gummies for me


Even after all of this

it’s still hard for me

why do you want ME?

it’s so hard to see


You take care of me when

I have a bad day or get sick

you put bandaids on my owies

and make me delicious fish sticks


You smell pretty damn good

you gots pretty eyes and eyelids

you got more sweet in you

than a bag of sour patch kids


“So, what’s so hard?” you might say

“why can’t you see?  why?”

 well i love you too, i just can’t see cuz

i only gots one eye


~ by tenaciouskamalei on April 20, 2008.

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